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Message of DSJ

Man is a social creature. He is unable to dissociate himself com­pletely from others and live in isolation and seclusion. He is also unable to live in complete harmony with others, since each person has his own particular ideas, qualities, and conduct. to which his nature inclines, which characterize him without anyone else sharing them either partly or wholly. If man is unable to live alone and remain in absolute soli­tariness, nor able to live in complete harmony with others, then dif­ferences will undoubtedly appear between individuals and groups. There will be strife between them and disputes will take place about particular interests, with each one having an eye out for his own in­terests. The noble Qur'anic verses testify to this. As regards the first point, i.e., man's nature as a social creature, it is indicated by the statement of God, the Exalted: “O mankind, We have created you male and female, and appointed you races and tribes, that you may know one another”. (49:13)

The judiciary is the guarantee for applying a just system of regulations and preventing disarray in social affairs. It requires the estab­lishment of everything in its proper place, the returning of every right to its owner, and everyone obtaining his due. The concept of justice in Islam is clearly defined and protects the life, property, and honour of all citizens of an Islamic state, regardless whether a citizen is a Muslim or a non-Muslim. The Quran says, "Truly God commands you to give back trust to those to whom they are due and when you judge people to judge with justice" (Quran 4:58), and still further, "And act justly, truly, God loves those who are just (Quran 48:9)".

We have to strive to promote a culture of justice, peace, merit, principle, truth, tolerance and sacrifice if we wish to handover a better Pakistan to the next generation. Dispensing justice is indeed an uphill task. We are committed to perform this duty with the able assistance of the Bar under the guidance of honourable Chief Justice, but it is only possible with the blessings of Allah Almighty. I pray to Allah Almighty to shower His blessings not only on my team, my staff and myself, but also on every one touched by this tremendous responsibility.